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Slip Testing Audit Process

Audit Testing Process

Zerofal are specialists in slip-resistance testing of floors via a Dry test method and wet test method

Our test audits are carried out in accordance with the requirements:

  • AS 4663-2013
  • AS 4586- 2013
  • reference to HB 198: 2014

Understanding Your Risk – Our Process:

Step 1: Complete Slip Audit

The first step in understanding your risk is to complete an audit on your current floor surfaces. Without a test, generally you are increasing your risk profile to the business, including employees, clients and all stakeholders who attend your premises.

Step 2: Regular Testing Program

Secondly, ensuring a program of regular testing is in place applicable to your risk profile. Generally, this will assist you in minimising the risk.

Step 3: Join our Safety Report Program

Zerofal also provides a safety report program for our clients. Find out more here.

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“I highly, and unequivocally, recommend Zerofal to anyone looking for a professional solution to their slip testing needs.”
Leanne W
“I highly recommend Zerofal. Outstanding service, friendly, prompt, cost effective and excellent industry knowledge.”
Mark G
“The actual work practice and exceptional slip test report from Zerofal will distinguish their service from others.”
Mason S

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