Dry slip resistance testing near an aldi shop
Dry floor slip testing in a shopping mall pedestrian area
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Dry Floor Friction Slip Test

Zerofal are specialists in slip-resistance testing of floors via a dry test method.

Dry floor friction testing using a Tortus machine measures the slip resistance of floors in a dry condition. Used for Onsite testing. 

Our test audits are carried out in accordance with the requirements:

  • AS 4663-2013
  • AS 4586- 2013
  • reference to HB 198: 2014

How is a Dry slip test administered?

Slip resistance testing is conducted in dry conditions in which the testing machine moves across the surface at a rate of about 1 meter per minute, the total distance travelled is 800 mm. This is in line with the Australian Standard for dry slip resistance testing.

Are your Testing Technicians NATA qualified?

All our slip testing technicians are fully NATA qualified.

How often should the dry floor slip test be administered in my property?

The frequency of your slip testing will depend on your particular property. Some of our clients test every 3 months while others are yearly. Contact our team for a free consultation.

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