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Safety Report Program

A regular slip-testing regime and ongoing monitoring as to the condition of the floor is one way that business can demonstrate how they meet ongoing compliance.

By having this in place, it could positively impact the overall risk assessment for the property.

Why choose our Safety Report Program:

Zerofal provides a Safety Report Program for both wet tests or dry testing. Our reports can be provided to your insurance assessor in assisting you when the question is asked about slips within the property.

Importantly, the outcomes of the slip-resistance performance of your floors are independently recorded and can assist you with verification of compliance on an annual basis.

Benefit from having 24/7 365 day access to your safety reports:

  • Property Managers
  • Property Owners
  • Architects
  • Commercial construction companies
  • Residential builders
  • Ceramic tile suppliers
  • Concrete industry
  • Stone suppliers
  • Vinyl & timber suppliers
  • Floor coating companies

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